how to look your best while juggling a job

Single Mom Life: How To Look Your Best While Juggling A Job And A Two-Year-Old

Being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress, and twice the tears; but it is also twice the hugs, twice the love and twice the pride.

Managing a single mom life, a job, a social life, and terrible twos is not an easy task. It can be stressful at times, and you may have no time to dress up. Mums put themselves at the end of the list and for single moms; do they even put themselves on the list?  But did you know that looking good helps you feel better and confident?

Balancing a supermom life and looking your best is an accomplishment. If you spend your day in pajamas and t-shirt and rock your bun, you are falling into the typical single mum’s category.

However, by investing in the below-mentioned wardrobe essentials that complement almost every outfit, you can look your best while juggling a job and a two-year-old.


  1. Blazer

Being a single mom, spending a lot of time dressing for work may not be feasible, especially if you have many errands to run. So it’s a good idea to invest in a blazer. These are a closet staple for working moms as they complement every outfit.

You can pair the blazer with a formal skirt or pants; you can even carry it over a dress. You can also wear a bright colored blazer and look chic at work by breaking the bright color with subtle colored clothes.


  1. Tote Bag

Glam up your look by adding accessories. As a mum of a toddler, you need a bag that is big and practical. As a working mom, you need a bag that is stylish and formal. If you want a combination of style and comfort, then go to the Leatherskinshop website and get yourself a premium quality Leather Tote Bag.

Tote bags have multi-functional pockets that you can use as different storage options. You can carry your cell phone, charger, tablet, and other work essentials during the day, while diapers, bottles, and other baby supplies can replace them during the evening.


  1. Ponte dress

Carrying your baby in one arm and your laptop in another is a task in self. Finding out time to iron clothes, again and again, is not practical. A well-fitted dress in a wrinkle-free fabric is what all working mums should own.


  1. A pair of flats

Continually pulling the baby seat in and out of the car can cause pains in your lower back. Flat soled shoes are the most practical when looking after toddlers. Nothing beats a pair of pumps when it comes to coordinating work and formal wardrobe. Open toe pumps look good in summers, and you can wear them under maxis, skirts, trousers or dresses. To stand out, you can buy tasseled shoes or one with bows.

During colder months wear boots to cover your calves. For a casual look and comfort wear it with a pair of jeans. For work, wear a block heeled version of boots with an insole for support.


  1. A leather jacket

Having a go-to jacket is a must for every mother. Not only are they worth for money but also look chic, glamorous and trendy. A leather jacket instantly adds an edge to the entire look. You can easily carry it with a delicate dress or a skirt for a professional look or pair it with sweatpants or jeans for a casual look at home.

Some handy tips that will help you organize and manage your time well can also give you some time to dress your best. These tips are:

  • Accentuate your slimmest body part: Instead of hiding the broadest body part in loose clothes, enhance your slimmest part by wearing a fitted dress. If you feel your waist is the slimmest as compared to your overall figure, add a belt on your waist over loose clothing, and it will amp up your entire look.
  • Buy the classics: If you do not want to spend money on all the fads, then stick to the basics. You can always trend up the look with accessories like jewelry, shoes, hat, sunglasses, and bags. These are cheaper to buy and last forever.
  • Carry everything with confidence: If you buy a dress from a boutique in New York but do not carry it well with confidence, then all your money will go down the drain. Have faith in yourself and carry whatever you wear with confidence. You will automatically start looking your best. Coco Chanel rightly said, “Fashion fades only style remains.”
  • Play with colors: Just because you are single does not mean that you cannot wear a bright colored dress. Of course, you can remember to follow the season. In summers play around with pastels, and in winters you can go for brighter

Find some me time

Looking your best does not only mean wearing the best clothes or carrying the best accessories. It also means looking fresh and healthy. It is tough to have time for yourself with toddlers, but finding some time to relax or do something you love will give you the glow that you need. Be it having a good bath or sipping a cup of coffee in a quiet, cozy place. So, try to find that time and enjoy what you love doing.

The key to looking your best is maintaining a balance between your work and kids while also finding some time to relax. And don’t worry mom, you are doing your best at managing your work, appearance, and kids. Keep going.

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