Taking a look at how drones are transforming Insurance Industry!

Human minds are extremely innovative and it is always in search for new possibilities. With the help of science and technology, mankind has created wonders. Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), are one such wonderful innovation. But the ideas don’t stop there. Human beings then try to put those innovations in use in various fields. Similarly, the uses of drones are not confined to the military anymore. They are being put into action isn various sectors, for instance the emergence of drones in agriculture in Australia, and helping people to achieve the impossible. Outside the army, drones are being used in insurance, construction, films, agriculture and many more sectors.

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Ways how drones are transforming the insurance industry:

The insurance industry is transforming at an extraordinary rate. The way consumers are buying insurance is also changing with time. Moreover, the impact of drones on the insurance industry has also been huge lately. They are being used to capture video footages and pictures for collecting data that would be of great help to this industry. Thus, if you are in this industry and looking for drones for sale, then there are quite a few distributors whom you can contact. Here are a few ways how drones are transforming insurance industry:

  • Insurance claim process: Drones play a crucial part in the insurance claim process. Improving customer experience by reducing the claim timeframe is extremely important. This is crucial for maintaining the competitiveness in this industry. The speed with which a customer receives his/her settlement can be improved by drones. It also gives the manager of claims a better sense of how many staff needs to be deployed.
  • Tailored pricing and more precise risk management: Insurers stay competitive through policy pricing. Drones are used to gather property information by capturing data on the features of the property that make it less vulnerable. This also clears out the path for personalized premiums.
  • Better catastrophe models and better data: The aerial imageries captured by drones deliver high quality and huge quantity of data. These data are used to build up the catastrophe model inputs and components for the purpose of analysing.
  • Lower losses from fraud: Fraud constitutes about 10% of property insurance losses and expenses of loss adjustment, annually. This amounts to 32 billion USD each year. Many insurers also predict a rise in this kind of fraud by the policyholders. How can these losses be reduced with the help of drones? It is extremely common for the insurance company to also receive claims of property damage that existed way before a disaster struck. Thus, using drones to capture images of insured properties before an extreme event, can put an end to such fraud claims.
  • Drones and Artificial Intelligence come together: Drones combined with Artificial intelligence makes the functionality more independent. It will successfully provide an end-to-end solution that will increase customer satisfaction, cost reduction and increase the speed of claim process.

These are the few ways in which drones have been changing the game plan in the insurance industry. Who thought drones can be used to do these kinds of jobs so effectively? Even a few years back, it was hard to associate drones outside the military. See how fast technology spread its branches, grabbing every opportunity lying within its reach and making our lives 10 times easier and effective.


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