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Every Bot Needs a Goal

Whenever you decide to start using messenger bots (chatbots) in your business, it is important to consider your overall business goals and the goal of each bot.

Business Goals

Every business is interested in keeping costs down, quality high, and maintaining efficiency. Smart small business owners also know how useful automation can be to stay on top of many of the typical tasks that they have to do every day in order to cover the basics of their business.

If a task can be broken down into a series of predictable, regular steps, with few large variations, it should be perfect for becoming automated. Two of the key areas to consider automating are customer service and marketing.


Customer Service

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, but it can be time-consuming to have to answer every little question prospects and customers might ask. Yet answering them could make all the difference between getting a sale and that prospect going to shop elsewhere.

Some businesses create a frequently asked questions (FAQ) portal and list many of the common questions there, with answers. But this assumes the customers are going to take the time to read through it, which many will not.

A messenger bot, on the other hand, could match the answer sent with the question being asked. This is done through keywords and pre-programmed answers that are triggered by the keywords the customer sends. This can help satisfy them enough to actually go ahead and buy.

If your goal is to share information or teach your audience, messenger bots could be a great tool for teaching them more about your products and services. If you need to troubleshoot efficiently, chatbots can send out suitable replies to typical queries.

Just remember that no chatbot is perfect, and the last thing you want is for people to get frustrated. Always have a backup communication option in case your chatbot isn’t able to answer the questions correctly.



Marketing any business is a full-time job that can take as many person-hours as you can manage in order to try to spread the word about your company and all the great products and services it has to offer. But most of us can’t work 24/7/365 or hire a vast marketing staff. Therefore, we need to use the next best thing – automation.

Automating many of the most common marketing tasks can help you spread the word about your business and make sales, provided that the tasks are fairly simple, repetitive, and don’t vary too much. If you’ve ever used email marketing, it is one excellent example of market automation being used to promote products, services, webinars and live events, all in one interface. The “evergreen” emails that your target audience can read any time are pre-loaded into your autoresponder and sent out at a set schedule.

Similarly, in a chatbot, a marketing message can be triggered to be sent out automatically. This will usually be driven by keywords your prospective customer types in. You set the keywords and matching responses, and the bot will do the rest.

A chatbot such as Facebook Messenger can also be used to push marketing data to the people on your list. It will be in real time, similar to the way you would use a broadcast email for an important announcement, such as a product launch or special time-sensitive offer like a flash sale. Send out your message, and watch the sales start coming in.

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