Want to hear a secret to losing weight?

Here is a little weight loss secret that is rarely talked about ……..because it’s totally free and the single most natural thing in the world.

Get ready… take a deep breath and here it is…my secret is… breathing!

What?! Why is your weight loss secret something our bodies do naturally already?

Exactly! I’m talking about something our bodies do without even thinking about it, so that you can think about it!

A lot of people don’t know that oxygen is actually a key nutrient to speeding up your metabolism. Yet, oxygen is almost completely ignored in most nutrition books.

What’s important about oxygen when it comes to weight loss?

Most experts focus on carbs, proteins and fats but ignore the one key nutrient—OXYGEN—that helps to burn all of those nutrient in the body better.

The bottom line on oxygen is that when you breathe, you burn more energy.

Think of the analogy of building a fire.

When you build a fire you need two things: wood for fuel and good air circulation.

The same is true in your gut. You need food for fuel and oxygen to stoke your metabolic fire.

This is one of the reasons why physical exercise is so powerful—it increases the body’s oxygen intake and teaches the body to use that oxygen to burn fat even more efficiently.

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How can I start breathing while eating?

Try this simple trick—put your utensils down 3 times in your meal. Each time you put your utensils down, take a breath.

You can even do this when you’re at a work dinner or out with friends—it can be your little secret!


What do I do now?

In my health coaching practice, I help my clients completely transform HOW they eat, so they can lose weight and gain energy easily and naturally.

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To your health!

Georgie Mahmoud

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