The Working Mum’s Survival Guide

Women already have enough pressure on them to ‘have it all’, but add kids on top of it all and it can feel almost impossible to juggle it all. However, there are small things every working mum can incorporate into her daily routine to make the balancing act a teeny bit easier.

  1. Stay organised

    Being organised and sticking to a routine is the number one thing that will help your days go smoothly. This can be done by downloading a handy calendar app, keeping the kids’ bedrooms in order with quality kids furniture to make getting ready for school a breeze, and stick to a cleaning routine.


  2. Meal plan

    As a working mum, every little thing you can do to get organised will pay off. Put in a couple of hours every weekend to do a bulk meal prep for the week and freeze some portions so you always have food on hand. This will take the stress out of preparing dinner after a long day’s work and also prevent the temptation of ordering takeaway.


  3. Don’t set unrealistic expectations

    Mothers can often be their own worst critics, comparing their lives to successful working mums on social media. Instead, remind yourself that a little bit of mess and chaos is okay. This immediately takes some of the heat off you, allowing you to live a normal life instead of an immaculate, Insta-ready one. Remember that setting unrealistic expectations is only setting you up for failure.


  4. Take care of yourself

    Do little things that help you unwind. This could be enjoying a glass of wine on your kitchen bar stool when the kids have gone to bed, popping on a face mask or soaking up the the sunshine cocooned in your comfortable outdoor furniture. Me time is essential for preventing burnout, so don’t feel guilty for taking a moment to yourself – it’ll help you be a better mum and a more productive worker in the long run.


  5. Strictly enforce bedtime

    The moment you get lenient with your kids’ bedtime, – quality time with the children is essential after school but they need to go to sleep so you have a tiny moment to relax (with wine) before you collapse! You might be tempted to let them stay up later but remember routine is important and so is your winding-down time.


  6. Keep your friends close

    Motherhood can be an isolating experience, and when you add work on top of it, it’s no surprise that many women don’t have time to socialise like they used to. Find ways to keep your friends close, especially if they are mums themselves. Having someone listen to you when you are crying hysterically can be a massive relief, and being able to organise playdates and sleepovers with other mums is also a wonderful way to have fun and take some burden off your shoulders.


  7. Hire help

    Get the idea out of your head that you’re meant to be a superwoman who does it all and hire help if you can afford to. Take a look at your spending and see if you can cut a few things out to be able to afford a cleaner or a housekeeper, for example. After all, wouldn’t you rather want to spend your Saturdays enjoying time with your family rather than scrubbing the tiles?


  8. Take shortcuts

    Again, there is no shame in taking shortcuts if they are available to you. One hack that many busy mums find helpful is to order all their groceries online. This not only saves you time, but also eliminates struggle with your toddler who tries to grab every lolly in the aisle. Also, get your children to help out at home depending on what suits their age. Younger children can learn to pack their own school bags the night before, while older kids should help out with the ironing.

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