Creative Ways to Implement Active Aging Concept

Being an active senior, enjoying your physical activity, keeping in touch with lots of different people, boosting your mental abilities, becoming creative, constantly learning new skills and working on your talents – these are all the traits of a person who’s got involved in the active aging concept. Instead of being forgotten by their entire family and left behind to take care of themselves, these people play their role in the world and remain a vital part of the community, interacting with their loved ones and always doing new things. So, if you too want to get involved in this concept and give your parents and grandparents the love and attention they need, here are some of the most creative ways to do so.


Take them dancing

This might sound like the craziest idea in the world, but lots of people from the older generation love dancing and they have been doing it all their lives. That’s why they won’t have a problem joining you for a night of dancing – not in a club you go to, though, but at an appropriate place – and actually, love it. After all, dancing can be great for their health and could be quite beneficial in the long run.


Play board games

The problem seniors have is being perceived as old and mentally useless, which just isn’t true. In reality, they love playing board games, from Monopoly and Clue to checkers and chess. So, if you’re a fan of these as well, dedicate some of your free time to your elders and share a game with them – this will make their day and they’ll be happier than ever. However, beware: if they beat you, the whole family will find about it straight away!


Give them the best care possible

Lots of older people just don’t like living alone, and it’s your job to support their decision and do whatever you can to help them. Some of them don’t mind moving to an aged care facility, while the others prefer having support workers come to their home. Whatever your parents and grandparents choose, you could take a look at some of the services support workers from Mable offer, and find the option that suits them the most. After that, you can be sure they’ll have the best care and never feel alone and neglected again.


Travel with them

Older people love travelling as much as the younger generations, but the problem is that they often don’t have the means to realize this passion of theirs. That’s why you could help them visit new places and see things they haven’t seen yet, so just ask them where they’d like to go and hit the road! Those destinations will probably be rather close by, so it won’t take too much of your time, and it will mean so much to them.


Take them to lunch

Whether your parents and grandparents are living alone or not, at their home or in an aged care facility, the fact is that they love spending quality time with you, so find some time in your busy schedule to be with them. Taking them to lunch might be one of the coolest ideas in the world because they’ll surely enjoy the concept of eating outside your home. They’ll reminisce about eating at restaurants when they were young, so if you do this once or twice a week, you’ll help them feel better and have a more active life.


Watch movies together

Again, this is something old people love doing just as much as everyone else, but they simply don’t go to the movies as frequently as their children and grandchildren. So, it’s your job to change the paradigm – take your elders to the cinema and they’ll surely have an amazing time. However, be sure to pick the right movie, as they might not think the new Marvel flicks and romantic comedies are as entertaining as you think they are.


Take them to your gym

More and more seniors are joining the gym these days and you can always see a couple of them hanging out together, working out and talking about the younger gym-goers. This could be another helpful thing for their health and do wonders for their stamina, so don’t be afraid to take them to your gym as soon as possible. Get them a proper workout plan, help them do their exercises and enjoy their company – you may end up having a better time than you thought!

As you can see, helping your parents and grandparents become more active isn’t as difficult as it seems, and all you need are a few great ideas you can implement into their lifestyle. Trust us, they won’t mind doing these things with you – on the contrary, they’ll love you for including them in your life and will surely be thankful for all the care and attention you’re giving them.


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