Stupendous dating tips for women which honestly work – no really, they do!

Dating is fun. Whether it’s a man or a woman, meeting someone who shares the same interests and is easy to interact with always catches our attention. If you have been single for a while, there is a long list of things which you might be doing wrong at some point. To grab and keep the undivided attention of a man, some things need to be put into action, and for that matter, a few fantastic tips up your sleeve will do wonders for you. So, to help you take the right steps towards finding your love, here’s what you need to know, right now!

  1. Don’t wait!

Believe it or not lady, but waiting for a man to come to you first in this era is sheer stupidity. Being a grown independent woman, you should not be afraid to pursue what and who you like, and such confidence always attracts men. Be the one to take the lead. Introduce yourself and make small conversation to kick-start a happening night. Remember, you are the in charge of your happiness alone and if you find a handsome guy in a bar looking at you, don’t wait.

  1. Flaunt your curves

If you have it, you’ve got to show it. While many women find it obnoxious to talk about their curves let alone flaunt it, be the one who stands out from the crowd because you have nothing to hide. If you are going out, then dress well, put on your high heels, put on some makeup and be ready to have fun. Men like to be with women who take care of themselves and take pride in their appearance when going out in public. If you think stepping out in your pyjamas will fetch you the man of your dreams, the chances are incredibly slim.

  1. Don’t hold back from making conversation

Okay ladies, this is very important. If a guy comes up to you and tries to have a chat, then no response or very little response will only show disinterest (men call this the bitch wall). Don’t be afraid to talk to people and indeed don’t hold back. Try to make small talk with him, get to know about him and put in some effort to show that you are as interested as him. However, too much talking drives men off because they hate chatter-boxes, so know when to stop. And if the man becomes annoying let him know its time for him to go somewhere else, by himself.

  1. Listen!

Being empathetic is the sign of a good person. Every time you meet someone new and show them your empathetic side, you will only attract better attention. People like to talk for which they need people who will listen to them. Listen to what the man is telling you as it will give you enough points to keep the conversation going and ultimately help you realise whether you like this person or not.

  1. Never fake

An important tip for all elite singles in Melbourne is to stay true to yourself. Faking can lead to a one-night stand but nothing further which is why it is crucial that you keep pretending out of your play. Did you know that aside from physical looks, the next thing which attracts men is your honesty and smile? Make sure that you keep this in mind to have a fantastic date night.

  1. Have a fun night

Honestly, all of the above points are important, but this particular one is the most significant one in the list. Have fun! You are well-dressed and out to have some drinks, a nice dinner, little dancing maybe and if amidst all this you get to meet the man of your dreams, you are in for a treat. It’s important that whether you meet someone or not you focus on having a great night because good things happen when you are happy.

Did you enjoy reading these elite dating tips? If yes, then wait no more and use them to meet a fantastic guy and enjoy a great dating life. Also, do share such tips with your other single friends to help them find their right matches.

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