Top 6 Destinations in the World Perfect for a Romantic Getaway

Love is as ambiguous as it can be but travelling doesn’t have to be so. Lovers always look for clandestine holiday spots or getaways to spend some quality time with each other. This has been the norm with couples who feel the need to get away from the saturated cityscapes and be on a beach or in the mountains. So, it doesn’t have to be a romantic getaway or a honeymoon to end up at some of the world’s best island destinations. But it is quite the case that islands have provided the kind of setting most couples to look for a getaway or for honeymoons. After scouring the globe for some of the best getaway spots, this list has narrowed down some of the best spots for all these lovebirds out there.


1. Maui

If you fancy yourself a romantic Hawaiian holiday, the Maui is the best place to visit with your partner. The luxurious Maui beach rentals offer couples a unique experience, one that you’ll never forget. Maui offers them activities which specifically are suited for couples such as wine tasting, coffee brewing sessions, yoga workshops et al. A road trip to the village of Hana followed by a detour leading you to the seven sacred pools where you can camp under the stars. If thrilling is the word you are looking for now, then for the couples looking for such thrilling activities, they can always look for waterfall swimming or zip line challenges. If you are extending your stay a while longer, take a trip to the islands of Molokai. The spas at Maui are quite popular amongst couples who just want to spend some time relaxing. As for eateries, you can have some of the best couple’s dining experiences tasting authentic Maui cuisine. If it’s too tiring, spend your afternoon snorkelling with turtles and sitting by the pool sipping on expensive alcohol.


2. Bonaire

Couples who are into scuba diving would probably want to visit Bonaire where they can have authentic undersea experiences. Bonaire is also one of the best places to get scuba diving certifications if that’s something you are looking for. Activities here are quite thrilling so if you open to exploring the possibilities then Bonaire is the place for you and your bae. Go surfing or end up in a wildlife safari. Bonaire has over 200 species of birds. If either one of you is a history buff then you’d love looking at Caquetio Indian drawings. You can find some aesthetically pleasing studio apartment with a view of the sea for rent. Hotels are nice too but are sure to look for the ones that can provide you with the view.


3. Aruba

This place has all the reasons to be tagged as the perfect spot for a romantic getaway. Aruba has restaurants that can host private dinners for couples while having their feet in warm water or sand. There other activities too such as parasailing or horseback riding on the beach. You can also drive to the California Lighthouse and enjoy the scenic vistas while being cosy inside your car. If you are looking for romantic hotels, then Palm Beach is the spot where you can find a ton of good options to check in. Most of these places have top notch services that specifically cater to couples. Make sure you get a room with a view because that could set the mood for your evenings. Aruba will take your breath away and will hold a special place inside your hearts.


4. Lanai

You may have heard about this place as it often goes by its nickname “The Private Isle”. This isle has unpaved roads which need to be travelled on by any four-wheeled vehicles. Like every place, this also has its unique spot which is called the Garden of Gods and it really lives up to its name. It is advisable that you travel there during the morning or during sunsets. The ambience and its natural backdrop will leave you breathless and you can spend hours here together without being bored. Manele Bay has places where you can check in and feel that you are the only two inhabitants on that island. If you are looking for activities apart from each other’s company, then head out towards the bay where you can swim with wild dolphins.


5. Thailand

Thailand has a diverse set of culture which attracts couples from around the world. This is a lavish place with temples and floating markets. Thai massage is something that needs to be on your to-do list as couples, and you’d love that anyway. Finding cottages there is easy. So, get yourself checked in one of those cottage rentals and enjoy the relaxing ambience that Thailand has to offer to you and your significant other. But most importantly, Thai massage, now that is a must when you are visiting Thailand.


6. Bali

Cityscapes can be very tiring, so if you want to get away from saturated spots, you and your other half would want to end up at Bali. Check in any secluded villas located amongst the rice paddies. Make chocolates at a chocolate factory tour, pet baby sea turtles while releasing them into the ocean and go for underground cave adventures. You can visit the underground houses at Gala Gala caves. The beaches of Bali are nice to walk at night while holding hands and looking at the stars.

Romantic Getaways are nice as long as they are secluded and at unsaturated spots. So, be sure to follow the list as these places were hand-picked specifically for this reason.

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