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12 Most romantic things to do in Dubai

Dubai brings out the romantic in people who visit it. What could be more romantic than a blissful dhow cruise, watching the brilliant lights of Dubai pass by? Dubai’s vast stretches of golden sand dunes, majestic mountains and pristine beaches make this city a fabulous destination for lovers. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, popping the big question or trying to rekindle a romance, do it creatively in Dubai. How about proposing to her on a hot air balloon, thousands of feet up, right into the skies?

1. A Romantic Dinner For Two
dinner at Burj Al Arab
Wow your partner with a superb view, incredible food and an unbelievably lovely setting at restaurants such as At.Mosphere, Jumeirah Beach Hotel or the Culinary Delight at the Burj Al Arab. . Enjoy delicately flavoured delights put together for your personal satisfaction by Michelin-starred chefs. From the At.Mosphere, which is located on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, you can pretty much see the whole city. A royal dinner at the Burj Al Arab is one of the most romantic things to do In Dubai, so go for it!


2. Desert Campfire Romance!
Desert Campfire Dubai
What could be more romantic than snuggling up at night in the chilly desert air in front of a roaring campfire? Sign up for an overnight desert safari and enjoy dune bashing, sand boarding and camel riding to your heart’s content. As the evening closes, enjoy the belly dancing, henna painting, Tanura dancing and shisha smoking. As the night advances, take your honey to a lonely dune, light your own campfire and spend a romantic night under the stars. What fun!


3. Rekindling Romance In An Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air Balloon Dubai
Sign up for a private couple’s special hot air balloon ride and use the opportunity to propose to her, or to renew your vows. There just isn’t anything more romantic than flying in a hot air balloon, thousands of feet into the air, early in the morning. Be sure to photograph the intensely orange sunrise over the vast expanse of golden desert sand. Soar over the endless ocean of golden sands and watch animals such as camels, oryx, gazelles and desert foxes run about.


4. A Couples Special Horse Riding Experience
Horse Riding Dubai
How about enjoying a romantic horse riding experience with your honey at the Al Dhabi family farm? You can ride away along the deep wadis of the desert, and find your own perfect romantic spot for a picnic. Take a romantic stroll of the desert at sunset and enjoy the magnificence of a desert sunset together.


5. Couples Date At An All-Day Spa
Talise Ottoman Spa
Dubai has several excellent spas; we’d recommend the Talise Ottoman Spa and Resort and the Raffles Spa for some serious pampering and relaxation. Sign up for a couples massage at the Raffles spa and enjoy a day lounging in the outdoor garden pavilion’s private whirlpool. After your spa treatment, enjoy complimentary champagne, chocolates and strawberries by the pool. Check out the spa program at the Club Olympus spa at the Hyatt Regency Dubai; they offer chocolate body scrub, chocolate face mask and a massage.


6. A Romantic Dhow Dinner Cruise
Dhow Cruise Dubai
This two-hour cruise in a beautifully-renovated traditional dhow is not-to-miss romantic treat. Take your darling on an awe-inspiring cruise of the magnificent Dubai Marina to admire the Dubai skyline and its architecture. You’ll get to enjoy a fantastic view of private beaches, the Palm Islands, Jumeirah Beach Residence, the incredible Atlantis hotel and the Burj al Arab and other amazing sights. The cruise comes with a romantic dinner on board plus entertainment such as belly dancing, Tanura dancing and henna tattooing.


7.A Lovely Yacht Ride Together!
Yacht Rental Dubai
Sign up for a yacht rental Dubai and experience speed sailing along the waters of the Arabian Gulf. Zip around the Palm Islands, and glide around the Dubai Marina. Explore the beautiful Dubai Canal and the Dubai Creek. Sail in the evening so as to experience the lovely sunset over the city skyline. A yacht sailing adventure is just what the romantic heart needs to feel alive and more in love.


8.A Night Spent Underwater, Just The Two Of You
underwater suite at the Atlantis The Palm
Book a night in the underwater suite at the Atlantis The Palm hotel and spend a night amidst exotic and colourful marine life. As you relax in your suite, you can watch the colourful marine life zip by outside your glass windows. Watch hungry sharks swim by just inches away from you, not knowing you’re in there. Watch schools of colourful fish dart here and there. Watch colourful and deadly manta rays as they hunt their prey. It’s an incredible experience, made all the more special by knowing it’s just you and your honey all alone apart from staff down there all night.


9. Experience Fresh Love At The Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden
How about strolling in the middle of 45 million flowers in full bloom while holding your honey’s hand? The Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s largest garden of natural flowers, trained to take on the shape of world monuments, world leaders, cartoon characters, famous cars and much more. Millions of fresh live flowers are designed into such wonderful formations that you’ll be left gaping. What better place than this to declare your love for each other?


10. Get Romantic On Kite Beach
Kite Beach Dubai
Kite Beach is famous for being the best place for a scintillating view of the picturesque Burj Al Arab. It’s also the perfect beach for water junkies. There’s much fun to be had here. You can go swimming, or walk in the smooth white sands, or go kayaking, kite surfing, or play beach tennis, soap football and beach volleyball. There are other fun sports too – banana boating, yachting, speed-boating, paragliding, surfing and much more at Kite Beach. There are several food trucks that park on the beach to keep you nourished and happy as well.


11. Explore The Underwater World Together
Dubai Aquarium
Head to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo at the Dubai Mall and enjoy some cool cage snorkelling and diving with sharks together. This is a grand adventure for fun-loving couples in Dubai. Explore marine life via the fantastic acrylic tunnels, watching deadly sharks and manta rays pass inches away from your face. You cannot interact with the marine creatures via the one way glass though.


12. Feel On Top Of The World At The Mighty Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa Dubai
Hold hands and hold your breath together as you stand on the Observation Decks at levels 124 and 148 of the Burj Khalifa. The world’s highest observatory, at level 148, is your chance to celebrate your love with the world at your feet. Several telescopes are placed at intervals along both observatory decks so do take close looks at landmarks such as the Dubai Frame, the upcoming Dubai Eye, the Palm Islands and the incredible architecture of Dubai.



As you can see, Dubai is made for romance and is one of the best places where you can celebrate your love for each other. The next time a significant anniversary or occasion rolls around in your life, you know where to head, don’t you?

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