Best things to do in Tofino to have fun

Tofino is a landscape which is entirely dominated by the shoreline and the trees. You can also find a small village in Tofino. With all this, it is a very common question that what are the major things to do in Tofino. Well, for a west coast vacation, Tofino is one of the best places to go. The wind-swept beaches along with the big dense forests are a great place for adventurous activities like hiking, and surfing etc. Although surfing is available for the entire year but it is best to be done in winters when the biggest waves can be found.


Best places to visit in Tofino

One of the major Tofino attractions includes the Pacific Rim National Park which is actually a great place to visit. This park consists of the west coast trail, the long beach and a group of islands. There are many other archaeological sites that you can find here. Other attractions include Chesterman beach, Tonquin Park etc. You can also find some beautiful museums like the Whale Center, Henry’s carving shed and the Eagle Aerie Gallery etc. Fishing is one best fun activity you can undertake in the coastal waters of Barkley Sound. You can experience the best fishing activities in Tofino with the coastal charters.


Major tourist attractions in Tofino

Every day in Tofino is a beach day. Yes, the major tourism Tofino can be seen on the famous and beautiful sandy beaches. On the west coast, you can run out and see the elegant sunset view which is very mesmerizing.  At diverse eateries, you can eat the fresh foraged food. Every October, there is a woman surfing competition held in Tofino and that is why it is also known as Canada’s Surf capital. You will see the bears and the whales in their natural habitat. Tofino is a fun loving place and the best tourist attraction.

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