Foods to eat when pregnant that will help to boost your energy

This is the time you were waiting for! Your baby is gradually growing and taking nutrition through your body. You’re eating all the healthy fruits and veggies but, somehow you’ve started feeling a little drowsier than usual. You’re following the meal plans and going to your special exercise class regularly then why is it that as soon as you lay down on the couch, you fall asleep?

Carrying and helping your baby develop has taken huge tolls on your day to day energy levels. How can you be more energetic? Are there any food items which can help you by boosting your energy levels? Here’s a list to help the always tired mommy-to-be:


  • Stock on those whole grains

Wholegrain food items including brown rice, wheat, oats, bran, corn and quinoa are high on carbohydrates and B group vitamins. They help your metabolism to fasten itself, and formation of red blood cells and tissues to catch on a great pace. Wholegrains are nothing but tiny bombs of fibres which in turn are brilliant prebiotic food. It supports boost-ups in the energy and immunity levels.


  • Eggs

With each egg serving you all the nine extremely important amino acids, it being the powerhouse of protein is an understatement. With every 78 calories, an egg gives you about 6 solid grams of protein along with being loaded with other vital nutrients. Eggs are also the sources of vitamins of group B as well as Vitamin D. Therefore, it is great for building bone strength, boosting energy levels, and stimulating growth in the body’s cells.


  • Oats all the way!

With a great balance of stress-reducing vitamin B and gut cleansing fibres, oats is a perfect pick for the mommy to be. The good levels of dietary fibres present in oats help you to fill up your stomach without increasing the calorie count to extremes, while keeping your blood sugar levels which fluctuate a lot during pregnancy, in check. It controls fatigue in the body and helps you feel active.


  • Salmon

Salmon is a complete package, which boosts your brainpower, looks after your cardiac health and also keeps you fresh and running! The great combination of healthy minerals, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids will help your body to look over the nice sleeping routine on the couch. The less amounts of calories and high levels of neat proteins present in salmon are sure to make much more fresh and active.


  • Yogurt

Yogurt is a dense combination of vitamin D, protein and calcium, along with living cultures (which is sure to make your digestion as smooth as butter) offered by a few brands in the market. Add some fruits, and honey to the yogurt to make sure you have a healthy intake level of this probiotic food choice. It helps in controlling inflammation and checks on weight loss. But while picking up these packets, remember that the flavoured yogurts are more likely to be loaded with sugar.


  • Apples

Easy to have on the go, apples are laden with nutition and contain fiber, magnesium, potassium, antioxidants, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. It’s the best source to boost up your energy levels quickly along with combating the oddly timed appetites. So, add them up in your daily snack routines to help your body keep tiredness at bay!

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