Tips for living healthy and happy life!

To have a healthy body in a healthy mind”: a phrase that seems idealistic in our way of life. Although we can contribute to our well-being without completely disrupting our schedules

Here are important tips just for you

  1. Drink water morning, noon and night

Too many of us do not drink 1.5L of water a day (8 glasses of water a day). Our water supply is essential for the functioning of our organs and our body as a whole. So let’s take this action seriously.


  1. Do not think about calories anymore

No need to skip meals or take astronomical portions of soups on the pretext diet.  So it’s time to reconnect with your calories. It is a long-term job that is worth trying to live peacefully.


  1. Healthy snack

First, it is essential to have a dish for diet, in your daily diet i.e a healthy snack, which gives your body a much-needed boost, and you need to eat the right ones at the right time. So if you feel hungry, eat as much as you can. It is important to eat a healthy snack regularly.


  1. Five fruits and vegetables every day

We must consume 5 fruits and vegetables a day daily. But now, are you reaching that goal? It may happen that a few days in the month, we cannot do it and it is frankly not very serious. But for all other days, we must be diligent and act accordingly to provide our body with what it needs.


  1. Prefer fresh products

It is obviously useless to blame each time you eat quickly a dish prepared for lunch or dinner. But you must realize that there is nothing better than to consume fresh and seasonal products. Contrary to what we think, it does not necessarily take hours to cook fresh products. The whole thing is to get organized and to make these 15 to 20 minutes of convivial cooking.


  1. Take it gradually

When we dream of something like a project, a general physical and mental state. we want to change all our habits overnight. For example, for food, it is about changes in the choice of food but also quantities. This usually leads to failure and causes additional frustrations. The idea is to move gradually so that each habit becomes a reflex, even if you are physically disabled and unable to walk or move, there are plenty of walking aids available in the market, go choose the one suit you the best and move on.


  1. Move every day

A golden rule to be more dynamic and better in your body, move every day without exception. It’s not about doing an hour of intensive sports a day. When you do not have your usual physical activity, you are making lame excuses like “I do not have the time”. It is a totally wrong statement; we all have time to stir our asses sparingly during the day.


  1. Meditate  

With our rhythms of life at 100km/h, it is essential to refocus on the present moment. A meditation session allows you to find a concentration. Also, improve your physical and emotional sensations. You will find the correct meditation is not easy.


  1. Take care of yourself

Having a healthy lifestyle is the result of self-care that brings joy and kindness to those around you. Feeling better in your sneakers will allow you to fill yourself with positive thoughts and recognition for what you have. You are in tune with yourself so you will be better able to take care of others. This will have such a positive effect around you. Take care of yourself every day to take care of others.

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