Types of work footwear you need to know about

Work footwear must be prescribed to your staff so that they can be safe and comfortable while they are on the job. You must use work footwear that you know is safe for everyone, and you should consider the outsole of the footwear because you might have staff who walk on slippery surfaces all day long. Take a look at the styles of footwear that you need, and remember that you can actually purchase all this footwear for everyone if you need it.


  1. Workwear Boots

Everyone spends a major part of their life working. Workwear boots are designed to provide the level of traction & support necessary to keep your feet healthy in the working condition. There are several brands that can be specialised in this category, going for a FXD workwear can be an ideal option.


  1. Steel-Toed Boots

Steel-toed boots can help you when you have dangerous things on your work site or in the factory that could hurt your staff. Steel-toed boots are the best things to buy because you can give them to everyone on the staff so that they are safe. This might even be a requirement of the state where you work because these boots are such a good safety precaution. Remember that your staff is counting on you to make the right decisions for them, and they can use these boots for ages with no problem.


  1. Non-Slip Shoes

You can use regular non-slip shoes when you want your staff on the warehouse floor to be safe. There are many styles of non-slip shoe that will protect your staff, and they will feel much safer because they know that they are wearing something that is very safe even on wet surfaces. You can choose from many different companies, and you must find a shoe that you think will work in your facility. Non-slip shoes are easy to find, and they are a necessity when you know slips and falls could happen.


  1. Half-Boots

Half-boots are the best of both worlds if you are trying to give your staff traction and protect. Half-boots do not go up to the ankles, but they might not need to because your staff might not work with very many dangerous items or heavy items. Be sure that you have chosen a boot like this when you have people going in and out of the facility all the time. They get enough protection without the boots being so heavy.


  1. Gore-Tex Boots

Gore-Tex is an Army-created coating that was actually made for bulletproof vests. It also makes things waterproof. You need to have Gore-Tex boots for your staff when they work around chemicals or water. You need to know that they will have their feet protected when they are in the facility dealing with all these fluids, and they also will not feel uncomfortable during the day if they feet get wet. Gore-Tex is the best choice for a facility where you are constantly spraying water or working with chemicals. Also, the Gore-Tex will not break down due to the fumes that are produced by the many different kinds of chemicals that you have on the site.


  1. Leather Shoes Are Required

Leather shoes will last much longer than any other style of shoe, and you must be sure that you have checked the materials on all the shoes that you want to buy. Any shoe that is not made of leather is not going to be safe enough for you, and you will need to have leather shoes so that you cannot have your foot cut by something that scrapes across the top of the shoe.



The best part of buying work footwear is that you can choose from many different styles. There are many people who will buy shoes for their staff, or you could buy the safest shoes for the job that you have just taken. It all depends on what you think would be best for your work site, or you might need to choose the shoes that have been required by the local building codes or statutes.

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