What makes your life worthwhile?

We should ask each other more often: what gives life purpose and what makes it worthwhile? We don’t have to wait until somebody is dying to ask this question. These words were said to me during an interview I had recently with a professor quality of the final stage of life. I loved these words and started wondering: but when does our final stage of life actually start? Is this the moment that we know that we are going to die (I already know that now), when we blow out 80 candles for our birthday when we are diagnosed with a terminal illness or is this today? Every day we live is, after all, a movement closer to our last breath.

What makes life worthwhile, or in my own words: why are we here, what is our responsibility, but also, what makes us worthwhile, are all questions that I love to give space in my daily life. What is the point that we are here? I often get the feeling that we are too busy with living life and how we can distract and entertain ourselves, that we never stop and ask ourselves why we are here. If we want to know what makes life worthwhile, we need to stop and feel every now and then. Stop to feel that we breathe, stop to feel and realize that we are not alone here and stop to confirm and appreciate that we are of worth, a whole lot.

If we want to explore the meaning of life, we also have to deepen our relationship with death. It doesn’t discriminate, which for me makes it very binding. I also love the idea that every human being on this planet has a heart. Death will have a cup of tea with all of us, also when you are a coffee drinker.

More and more I give death more space in my life, just as that life itself and I are getting more space in my life. One does not excist without the other. You can’t have a daily cup of tea with life and not invite death. For me death is so much more than having a peace of cake with your cremation or not, what kind of coffin you would like or what music you want to play.


What gives your life purpose?

So what makes your life worthwhile and what gives it purpose? What is my worth, what is yours and how are we together of worth? When two people connect, there is a seed of expansion. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we would ask each other those questions more often, regardless of our age, if we are ill or dying, or when we are healthy and racing through life? The latter does not guarantee anything, because death can come over for a cup of tea when you are in your forties or fifties.

I recently did a course in England where I got the reflection that in fact, I am not scared of dying, something I did believe for a long time. Nor am I afraid of what comes after, because I know very well what is next after this. You will never see me you use #yolo (you only live once) on my Instagram account. It is not that I am afraid to die, but I just want to bring and reflect more of all that beauty, wisdom and truth that are within me. For me, my final stage of life has already started and that is what makes life worthwhile.

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