Which one to choose between analog and IP cameras for your business

Security is always imperative for your business. If you can’t protect your assets, you won’t be that profitable for sure. Luckily, thanks to video surveillance you can be more intelligent and effective than before and take total control of your assets even when you are not around them. The best cameras are now offering computer like features and functions like automatic mobile notifications, motion sensors and more. Some might even let you connect to the law enforcement automatically if you need to. Technical development has led to some efficient ways of managing storage and recording at the same time. Even the small business owners will have the power to procure some of the powerful surveillance systems within affordable rates.

You will come across IP and Analog cameras. Now the main question over here is which one to choose among the lot. For that, going through some details can help you big time on that.


  • IP versus the analog cameras:

There are mainly two types of cameras, which you can wire into video surveillance systems. IP cameras are more modern iteration of the current analog cameras.  Even the individual cameras tend to be rather expensive, but there are various features which analog cameras might not have. Let’s just get right into the details then.


  • Resolution:

IP cameras are stated to be way more powerful when compared to analog cameras, where the shooting footage will be between 1 megapixel and 5. It makes the products to produce incredibly clearer image quality, mainly when compared to some more grainy analog footage. It is going to run around one-half of megapixel. IP cameras are known to have a larger visual field when compared to the analog ones.


  • Going for the video analytics:

IP cameras are known to have some of the added benefits, which analog cameras might not offer, like video analytics for mobile notifications and even automatic recording if you have movement with the field of vision. This step is mainly useful when the business remains closed and you still want to know if anyone is moving inside the premises. You even have the right to configure systems to flag events and then send notifications to your smartphones directly with the recorded event footage. Some other systems might offer one-touch direct connection to the current local law enforcement.


  • Network video recorders:

Along with the points mentioned already, the IP cameras are always meant to be compatible with the network video recorders of the NVRs. It helps in offering multiple benefits over older digital video recorders or the DVRs. In short, it can easily be stated that NVR helps in recording HD video and allows systems to be scaled up more easily than DVR.

These points can easily clarify that for the best security protection, you can always head towards IP cameras as the best options in town. If you have short budget then you can head for the analog ones for sure.

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