6 Tips for keeping your car clean


When it comes to keeping a clean car, you may often feel overwhelmed at how much piles up so quickly. Start incorporating these tips daily and weekly to cut down on the car clutter and mess.


Contain your Trash

Trash can accumulate fast, especially if you eat in your car or are on a long trip with multiple people. Keep a few empty plastic grocery bags in your car so that you always have a bag to toss trash in.

Make it an effort to empty any trash out of your car every time you stop for gas. Most drivers have to stop at least once a week to fill up, so that is the perfect time to dump any lingering cups, napkins and accumulated trash from the week.


Keep a Vacuum Schedule

Investing in and using a handy car vacuum is a great way to cut down on dirt, debris and crumbs inside of your car. If you have little ones or pets then it may be a good idea to vacuum once a week to combat the mess they leave.

Vacuuming once a month or every two weeks is also ideal if your car doesn’t get messy as quick. Being able to keep to a vacuuming schedule helps keep any dirt and debris from being rubbed in too deep on your surfaces.


Carry it All Inside

Whether it is groceries, travelling bags, your coffee cup, or the latest crazy holiday decoration, bring it all inside. One reason why cars seem to pile up with so much junk is because we end up taking so much into the car, adding more as we are out and then only bringing in a fraction of what got put in.

Make the extra trip to bring in everything each day, so that you don’t fall victim to the cluttered car.


Use Storage Bins

If you need to keep things in your car but always end up having a mess because of these items then you should invest in some little storage bins or totes.

Small shoebox sized storage bins are great for holding cords, snacks, toys and other small to medium sized items. The best part is you can buy some that have tops so that they stack well.


Limit Eating In The Car

Sometimes it is just easier to run by the drive through and enjoy a hot meal while you are in the car. This can definitely be a go-to option for parents with kids, since this is one of a few times they will be strapped in a still.

However, no matter how neat of an eater you are, crumbs will happen. As well as that stray french fry that misses your mouth. Try to limit how much you eat inside of the car and see how much accumulative trash, crumbs and random food you don’t have to pick up each week.  


Keep Wet Wipes Handy

Wet wipes are amazing, they are these super handy ridges towelettes that are damp and able to tackle dirt, grime, poop and other messes. They are also super handy and come in a variety of easy to toss in your purse sizes.

Keep a pack of car only wet wipes in your dash or middle compartment. These are great for wiping dust off of your dash, cleaning up any condiment spills and unsticking any random gunk that makes its way onto your gear shift.

Make it a family effort to help keep the car clean. Have kids pick up and organize in car toys, give them a ‘kid’s only’ trash can in the backseat and don’t let anyone leave the car without taking something in with them.

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