Marketing is communicating to the right people

We don’t know why but Marketing can get a bad wrap sometimes. At 4DP we think a better way of looking at marketing is that it is sharing relevant information with the relevant people, while making the experience as simple and as clear as possible for your customer. Or simply viewing marketing as a better way of communicating to the right people.

Defining Your Audience

So, how do you know who the ‘right’ audience is. A really great way to define that is by creating ‘Buyer Personas’, this will help you really drill down and imagine who your target audience is.  Buyer Persona’s are fictional, general representations of your ideal customer. They help you understand your customers better and make it easier to tailor content to suit and know where to approach them. When you are defining your audience for a not for profit it is essential to include their motives in your Persona as they are 95% from an emotional reasoning.

When you are creating Persona’s take into consideration their basic demographics, including; Age, Location, Gender, Income Range, Education, Occupation, Ethnicity, Marital Status, No. of Children etc. And to get a better idea of this you can also look at who is on your current customer database and following your Social Media Channels. You can also check out your competition and see who their followers are and more in depth market research. explains it well here

Buyer Persona’s also help you determine how to focus your resources in a smarter way. And as a result, you should be able to attract more valuable leads and customers to your business.

You can sign up for a free template and more detailed instructions on how to complete your own Persona’s here states “Given the current state of the economy, having a well-defined target market is more important than ever. No one can afford to target everyone. Small businesses can effectively compete with large companies by targeting a niche market”.

Once you have really detailed who your target customers are you are able to then think about what they might like and where they will ‘hang out’ online and offline, which brings you to the Customer Journey. This will also allow you to be more effective in all your marketing campaigns, as clear communication is the key to a great marketing campaign. We will talk more in depth about the Customer Journey in an upcoming blog post, so keep your eye out for that. But if you would like to learn more please get in touch to chat further!

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