Own a cafe? Learn how to organise your seating.

A cafe is a place where plenty of people enjoy their free time, sipping in coffee mugs and relishing various tasty snacks. So, there should be adequate seating arrangements for all these customers in every cafe. Now, many reputed furniture manufacturers sell comfortable and affordable cafe chairs of various designs. So, the new cafe owners need to be careful in choosing the right furniture for their enterprise. There are quite a number of factors that may guide a cafe owner in buying the right kind of chair that is needed for boosting his business.

Points to be noted while buying new cafe chairs

  • Needed size of the chair – The size of the chair holds the utmost importance while choosing new furniture. The size of new cafe chairs solely depends on the available space of the cafe or restaurant. It is not advisable to make the cafe area too crowded with sitting arrangements, without any free space for movement. Ideally, there should be around 80 cm of space between two consecutive rows of chairs. So, it is best to measure the entire business space and get a plan drawn with a required number of chairs. The heights of the chairs should be compatible with the size of the tables chosen for that new cafe, to make the customers comfortable while sitting there.

  • Required weight of the chair – The chairs used in the cafes and restaurants should not be too heavy that may be tough to handle by the staffs. However, too light chairs can be uncomfortable for the sitters, as these chairs are likely to lose balance and may even break when an obese person sits on them. So, it is better to check the weight of the new chairs carefully before buying. The lightweight cafe chairs with firm bases are usually considered as ideal furniture for the business locations.

  • The desired color of the chair – The color of the new cafe chairs should match the color scheme of the cafe interiors. Many modern cafes adopt a definite theme for the decoration of their interior space and the color of the cafe chairs need to match this chosen theme. The interior designers can suggest the most suitable colors for these chairs, as per the nature of the themes. However, many cafe owners prefer the shades that will perfectly camouflage the stains of foods or drinks accidentally tripped on the chairs.

  • The environment of the cafe – If it is an outdoor cafe, materials of the chairs should remain intact while withstanding the natural sunlight and rainwater. Many plastic or PVC chairs are treated for bearing the UV rays of sunlight so that the original colors of chairs are not faded with time. The metal chairs need to be well coated to prevent rusting from rainwater or atmospheric moisture.  However, the indoor cafes do not need to be so choosy regarding this aspect while buying new chairs.

  • Designs of new chairs – The furniture designers create the cafe chairs in many innovative designs. The elegance and the comfort are two major aspects that should be considered while picking up any particular design for the chairs. Some chairs have padded seats and backs that are comfortable for the users. Some wooden chairs may have ladder-like horizontal rungs on the backsides. Many countryside cafes prefer wooden chairs with spindle-shaped backs and spindle legs. However, the folding chairs that are easily stackable form the primary choice in most of the cafes.

The stylish chairs may be made of wood, metal or plastic, depending on the budget and choice of the buyer. However, the right choice of cafe chairs draws the attention of the customers who want a fashionable ambiance in the cafes, resulting in huge profits for the cafe owners.

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