A Guide to a Business Office Makeover

After years of working in the same environment, things can get a bit stagnant. This is when you should introduce some changes to your workspace to make it more productive and stimulating. Here is a little guide to help you with your next office makeover.

Define Your Goals

Knowing what you aim to achieve is vital for having a successful makeover. Do you want to increase the productivity of the entire workforce? Do you need a different layout because the current one is not practical enough? Is it hard to focus in this environment? Are your employees unsatisfied with the equipment and the overall vibe of the office? Do you feel like it is not welcoming enough to your visitors?

You should put all your requirements and wishes on paper. Consult your employees to see what they expect from their workplace. Work out your budget and see how much you can spend on this endeavour. See which things are crucial and which you can do without.

Utilize Colour Psychology

If you do not have the funds for a whole office makeover, just changing the colours around the office can play a big role in the new space as well. Look into colour psychology to see which hues correspond to your goals. For example, blue and green are calming and great for focusing. On the other hand, yellow is the colour of creativity and it can be great for inspiring your employees. You can also use some colours only for details; implementing too much red, for instance, can be overwhelming for some people.

Find the Right Furniture

Another important part of the makeover is getting the best possible furniture. Make sure your employees are well taken care of by providing them with ergonomic furniture. Bring in ergonomic chairs for everyone and consider adjustable desks as well. Moreover, ergonomic mouses and keyboards can reduce wrist strain. Furthermore, for the break room, consider getting comfy couches and lazy bags.

Look for Professional Help

Once you know how much money is at your disposal and what your office should look like, you can turn to professionals to bring this plan to fruition. Even if you do not have a design in mind, talking to people with a lot of experience, as the experts from Impecca Build, can be of great help as they can help you come up with a layout that suits your business. While there are some things you can do on your own, letting a professional deal with the majority of the remodel is recommended as it is the safest and quickest way to get it done.

Get State-of-the-Art Equipment

In addition to ergonomic peripheries, you should try to get state-of-the-art equipment for your office. Make sure that all the programs your employees use are up-to-date. If printers are commonly used, make sure there is always enough ink and paper. Have a repair service on speed dial in case something malfunctions.

Set the Right Temperature

Setting the right temperature in the office can have a great effect on the productivity of your workforce. It shouldn’t be too cold or too hot, so you have to find the optimal solution. Somewhere between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius (72 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit) is the standard of most offices.

Have Fresh Air

Fresh air is not only vital for the productivity of your workers but for their well-being as well. Consider getting an air purifier or adding some greenery to space. In addition to cleaning the air, plants can also boost the mood of the employees as well as take the visual appeal of the office to a whole new level.

Think About the Lighting

Lighting is another aspect you must take into consideration. Natural light is essential, so try to provide as much of it as possible. Other than that, you should implement the lights in layers. Get adequate overhead lighting as well as task lights for each employee.

Inspire Your Employees

Adding a bit of personality is always desirable in the workplace. You should allow your workers to decorate their own workstations as they like. Also, consider putting up motivational quotes and posters to keep everyone around the office in high spirits.

There you have it – just some tips on creating a great new workplace. Don’t hesitate to ask for professional help if you find yourself out of your depth, talk to your employees about their needs and you should have no problems with your next office makeover.

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