Can packaging design change the way consumers view your products?

The short answer is yes. The colors, style, and wording on
your packaging make a difference to consumers. For example, grabbing attention
is easy when you use fluorescent colors on your boxes, bottles, and containers.
This color may not work so well for a client looking to create a reputation for
trust and honesty because it is so bold.

First Impressions

Forbes says great packaging increases the weight of the
first impression building up the expectations for goods. The higher a person
perceives the product to be, the more likely it will meet the standards of new
consumers creating a better encounter for people who are new to the brand. For
example, a brown paper bag with simple yet legible print looks better than a
thin, plastic bag that makes everyone think of polluting landfills.

Creating an Experience

Communicating your purpose through packaging elements like
bows, gift wrap, or using recycled paper can help you reach your target audience.
Farmers might appreciate brown paper bags with pictures of fruits and
vegetables on the side where upscale shoppers like packaging with a little
sheen and crisp lines. A tuxedo bag with buttons or a fabric ribbon as a sash
would work great for high-end clothing sales.

Consistent Branding

An important part of packaging is showcasing your brand with
the colors, logo, or wording you put on the material. Many top-end coffee
manufacturers use mountain outlines or photos for branding. A child’s clothing
creator might use children’s art to decorate wrapping paper for gifts. The goal
is to not confuse customers, but to make sure they remember your brand, logo, and/or
motto. A design
can help you create a variety of mediums that include your
company name, color profile, or business address.

Sustainable Materials Signify Responsible Production

Are you an environmentally friendly firm? Does your brand
use ecologically safe equipment and materials? Make sure your consumers know
how important the environment is to your company with packaging that reflects
your beliefs and values says Inc.

When you have an awesome product, the last thing you want to
do is to ruin future sales with poor package designs. Market research and
surveys can help you find out what customers want to see in a new product.
Working with a professional designer can also help you create a consistent
theme that is easy for customers to recognize. Appeal to the broadest audiences
by choosing environmentally friendly packaging and looking at color research
and data on consumer preferences.

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