How Can You Make Money By Selling Your Old Damage Smartphone

How can you make money by selling your old damage smartphone?

Do you have a stack of old mobile phones buried inside your cupboard and drawers? Even if you have one old mobile phone buried inside your cupboard or drawers then this article is the one that you must read! Everyone has a special bond with their smartphones, and that is the type of bond that no other person can understand.

Whenever our mobile phones get damaged or whenever we buy a new mobile phone, we tend to keep the old one safe and sound in our drawers and cupboards. We feel like that keeping them with us would make us feel good. But even if keeping these phones makes you feel good, this might hurt the environment afterwards. Keeping these phones with you doesn’t only hurt the environment and takes up your precious space but you can also make quite a bit on money if you sell these smartphones.


Where Can I Sell Old Damage Smartphone?

There are various platforms available online and offline where you can sell old damaged smartphones. It depends on your preferences that where you want to sell your old damaged phone but we always suggest you to sell phones online. We suggest you to do that as if you sell your phone online then you don’t have to physically roam around to find a platform that accepts your mobile phone and provides good amount of cash in return.

Where Can I Sell Smartphone Online?

If we talk about the platforms available online, then there are various types of platforms that we can take help of. But the two most popular ways of selling your mobile phone online is through; classified ad or a mobile phone recycling platform. Both of these options are easily accessible by the people all around. We would be discussing both of these options separately and then we would take our final decision on; which is the best platform online to sell your old damage smartphone.

     Classified Advertisements:

You might find various classified advertisement websites online where you can put up an ad of your old damaged smartphone and can wait for potential buyers to contact you. Selling your phone through classified advertisements is not a piece of cake as you would have to prepare for it first. What is the preparation?

For putting an ad on the classified advertisement websites, you have to first thoroughly clean your mobile phone. By cleaning we mean the cleaning of the external body of your mobile phone. Take a clean piece of cloth and a cleaning spray. Gently rub off all of the dirt from the outer body of your mobile phone.  Perform the cleaning part gently as you don’t want to damage your mobile phone while cleaning it. Check if the screen protector of your phone is intact or not! If it’s not, then take the screen protector off and clean the screen of your mobile phone as well.

Once your mobile phone is thoroughly cleaned, you have to take some amazing pictures of it. For taking the pictures, you might take help of a professional camera or a photographer friend. We say so, as the pictures that you have to upload with the ad should be appealing enough for the potential buyers to contact you. Take the pictures of your phone from every angle.

After you have taken some nice shots, the next thing is to write a detailed yet comprehensive description about your mobile phone. The description of your mobile phone should include every little detail about your mobile phone. Also you would have to make an appealing title for the ad of your mobile phone. The title should include the name and model of your mobile phone, its condition, storage capacity and colour.

Once you live the ad of your mobile phone on the classified ad website, you would have to wait for a potential buyer to contact you. This might take much time, as you never know that when a potential buyer would go through the ad of your mobile phone and contact you.

     Mobile Phone Recycling Platform:

Various mobile phone recycling platforms are available online in the UK. The mobile phone recycling platforms buy your phone from you and recycle them properly to save the environment and also to extract the important components from the mobile phones. Or if your mobile phone is of a newer model then the mobile phone recycling platform might repair your phone and further sell it as a refurbished mobile phone.

Finding a reliable recycling platform is the only difficulty that you might face if you have decided to sell your phone at one. We would suggest you the way to find a reliable platform later in this article. When you find a reliable platform, search for your phone there. Once you have searched, the platform would ask you some simple questions; answer those questions accurately to get a price quote. If you accept the price quote for your mobile phone then you can confirm the sale and fill out the form with your information. Most of the mobile phone recycling platforms provides free postage facility. If the one you have chosen does so, the platform would send you free postage envelope. Send your phone in the envelope. Once your phone reaches the platform, it would check the phone thoroughly and send you the payment against it.

Final Verdict:

Selling your old mobile phone at a mobile phone recycling platform is the best option for you as you don’t have to wait any further to sell your mobile phone. At a mobile phone recycling platform, the platform sends you the payment against your mobile phone immediately without any delay. For finding a reliable platform; you can research on the internet and read the reviews by the previous customers. For your ease, you can take help of a reliable mobile phone recycling comparison website. Usually, these websites have all of the reliable mobile phone recycling platforms listed. You can easily compare the price quotes offered by all of the mobile phone recycling platforms listed on the website and sell your old damage mobile phone to the best one.

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