Marketing Bootcamp is a 4 week intensive training program that shows you step-by-step how to build a unique and profitable brand, market more effectively and turns your online presence into a profit building machine.

Somehow this page has made its way in front of you.

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My name is Jac Bowie, and you may know me as the Founder and former CEO of Business in Heels, been to one of my theatre shows or later tuned in to one of my radio shows.

Either way you’ve probably been following Flourish Business Coaching or myself for a while and decided to find out what the Marketing Bootcamp was all about, maybe a friend told you about it or maybe you saw an ad on Facebook and felt intrigued enough to click through and check it out. You’ve probably been wanting to make big, exciting, passion ­fuelled changes to your business.

You’re ready to master the marketing ropes, but haven’t been able to take the leap.

Now’s your big chance. Don’t miss it.

Let's commit to 4 short weeks to immerse yourself into an exciting, easy-to-follow online course to learn the exact skills, laser sharp strategies and action-based solutions I used in my business, to help you skyrocket your digital and social media confidence, help you get clear on your business vision and ultimately – market your business like a boss.

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Applications are open now. Let's do this!

How Marketing Bootcamp Works


Marketing Bootcamp is presented 100% online, so you can access the material from work, home or even on your smart phone.

It's easy to follow, clear and comes with a detailed workbook to keep you on track along the way.

We've also got a support community on Facebook, where you get 24/7 support from Jac and her team, and other students doing the same course as you.

You'll also get access to the same resources as our Private clients, including our eBook Library & Styled Stock Images.

How the content is presented


Each new module comes with an intro video outlining the content and what you need to do in order to apply this to your own business.


There's some written text involved in each module, but it's written in short, easy-to-understand language that makes sense.


Each module comes with Worksheets that you can print out and fill in, forming your own marketing strategy over the duration of the course.


Each module comes with it's own quiz, so you can see how you are travelling along the way. And you've got your 24/7 support in the Facebook group

Let's break down the modules one by one

Module 1 - The Perfect Infrastructure

We will go over the setup of your business. We talk about the differences between a company, sole trader, partnership and joint venture. We also teach you how to protect your business name and idea. We'll also walk you through setting your business up on Google Suite so you have a slick set of branded email tools & other useful items like an online calendar and documents.

Module 2 - My unique offering & how to sell it

Everyone's got their own unique (or niche) offering. This module sets out to help you not only figure out what that is, but who are your unique clients, and where you can find them. We'll target where they are hanging out, and how you can survey them to determine what they are looking for, and how you can deliver it for them.

Module 3 - Building sites that sell

We go through all the options out there, including WordPress, Squarespace, and landing page software such as Ontraport, Leadpages and a few others. You'll feel confident making a decision on what CMS to use for your online marketing. We will also break down the sales page process in order to present your content in a way that converts

Module 4 - Delivery is everything

So you've got a great product, service or idea, but there is only one of you. How can we package this up to deliver over and over online, so you can put this content to use and make money while you sleep? This module uses the analytics we learned in Module 1 and applies this information to help you decide between building your own online course (like this!), email courses, events, webinars and touches on franchising your business model down the track

Module 5 - Making & processing money

So we've got everything in place, how are you going to take payments both online and on the go, and turn this model into a streamlined money-making machine. It's all gotta be in place in the backend. We'll cover bank accounts, basic accounting, and payment processing through tools such as PayPal, Stripe, Square and Zippay.

Module 6 - Sales Funnels

Understand the steps involved to create a successful sales funnel for your business, to help build your list and ultimately, more sales. We cover list building basics, Facebook Ads & Custom Audiences, Webinars, my new favourite hack for Pinterest and opt-in offers.

Module 7 - Advanced social media hacks

Learn all my tried and true hacks that built me a huge following online, and created a dedicated community that buys from me, time and time again. We'll go in depth and talk about Facebook Live, the new Live Video Voting systems. Also delve deeper into why Pinterest is your next new favourite social media. Also turning Instagram followers into buyers.

Module 8 - Bring it to life

In this final module we look at the best software and tools out there to help you bring all of these skills together, so you've got a clear way to run your business efficiently. We'll incorporate some affiliate marketing into your offering, so aside from selling your products, you have other people selling it for you too, and you can make money off ads on your site. It's all income that should be coming your way.

And, did I mention the bonuses?

My personal list of amazing freelancers and contractors I use in my business daily.
Access to my gorgeous library of styled stock images and design elements to make your own beautiful marketing
Hundreds of eBooks, worksheets and guides in our eBook Library.
Lifetime access to our private Facebook member group, to network and gain an accountability partner.
Regular video trainings and webinars to help grow your business
Our list of over 200 Facebook groups to join and promote your business to over 300,000 women in business on Facebook
A enormous library of mockup images where you can incorporate your logo into devices and other products
Comprehensive Australian media list, filled with people to contact for PR
A copy of PR expert Catriona Pollard's book "From Unknown to Expert" worth $19.95
Candice headshot


My publicist, Candice Meisels, is also throwing in a consultation to help get you started on your own PR. Worth over $500


And we are here with you

24/7 support in our private Facebook group with access to Jac, other students and mentors.

Weekly Facebook Live Q&As in the group to cover that week's content in detail.

Full access to the member section in this site, where you'll find FAQs, additional reading material and worksheets.

What people are saying about Jac & her courses:

"Jac has been a brilliant business coach over the past 6 months, where I have needed her the most. Her technology knowledge is incredible and her diligent work ethics along with her attitude is one of a kind! I would highly recommend her or her courses to anyone"

- Chantelle Trebley, Alternative Body Works

"Jac is a remarkable person, with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Her gift is perseverance, passion and creative thinking, along with an innate ability to recognise trends and develop them into sound business strategy."

- Diane Kennedy, Diane Penelope Design

"Jac Bowie has a level of intelligence experience energy and enthusiasm that is very rare to find. The moment I clocked Jac I knew I was onto someone who would be a champion to me and my clients and I did everything I could to stay on her radar. Never have I worked with someone with the ability to multi-task effectively as she can."

- Chryss Carr, AUM PR & Creative.

"There is a reason why Jac Bowie is at the top of her game, she is the hardest working woman in the business. Whichever way you describe it, thinking outside the box, forward thinking she does it all, and she does it all in a fabulous pair of heels no less!!"

- Natalie Barker, Imparts Launchpad

"I've seen Jac ignite an industry, create a number of global brands and not just build, but nourish a following of aspiring business women. Jac has an incredible mind and eye for marketing, systemisation and leveraging the latest technology."

- Julian Czaplinski, Academy of Growth

"I worked with Jac to rebrand and help me focus to create our direction, then get us 'out there' so people knew who we are and how we can help them, thus set up potential business for 2017. It's paying off with 5 new contracts for this year and more in the pipeline!"

- Leah Chandler Kids-Fit Australia

"JB is a media darling. Handy in an interview or with a whip, she is the gloss queen of spin, goss, promo and pop.

She is too much fun to work with. You really need a license to have that much fun."

- David Steinhoff, Presence Films

"Jac is a whizz at organising events and products that
She's got a wonderful flair and creativity with bubbling enthusiasm or everything she touches. You'll LOVE working with her."

- Roland Hanekroot, Business Coach & Author

Got questions?

 When does the course start and finish?

You can apply anytime from now, and once your Invitation comes through and your course is paid (or paid off in full) you'll gain access to the Facebook group and member area. The course materials will appear in your member area from Monday 12th June, and you'll also receive the first week's material via email that morning, 9am local time.

How long do I have access to the course material?

You get lifetime access to the course material, member area and Facebook group, including any future versions of the course.

How much is the course this year

Enrolment to the 2017 Marketing Bootcamp is only $397 AUD, payable either by credit card or Paypal online, or via direct deposit.

Do you accept payment plans

Yes, you asked and we listened. We've brought down the cost of our course and made payment plans possible between now and June. 

Do you have refunds if it's not for me?

If you feel that after your first 7 days the course is not for you, we'll happily refund 75% of your course fees within 24hours.