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Vlogging for businesses – a new trend worth catching up

Aarti Chandela
Wondering what is a ‘Vlog’? It is a term often used to describe a video blog. Yes, ‘video’ + ‘blog’ = ‘Vlog’. First thing, a blog is a regularly updated website or web page, written in an informal or conversational
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Why Your Business Needs a Data Breach Response Plan

Jayde Ferguson
Data security hasn’t traditionally been treated as a major concern for small to medium enterprises. However recent high-profile data security breaches and the new Government regulation requiring Australian businesses to alert authorities and affected clients if they get hacked, has
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How Does Influencer Marketing Help Increase Brand Exposure?

Brian Mechem
Did you know that Airbnb today is already a $31 billion company? Once upon a time, they were just a startup that struggled to get funding. What was their secret sauce? Influencer marketing. It all started when Mariah Carey rented
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5 Things a Video CMS Does — That Video Conference Tools Don’t

Videos connect instantly!! That has become the prime reason for their popularity in enterprise ecosystem. The enterprises have started to adapt to videos for knowledge sharing, training, and enhanced productivity. Imagine how burdensome and irksome life would have been if