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Vlogging for businesses – a new trend worth catching up

Aarti Chandela
Wondering what is a ‘Vlog’? It is a term often used to describe a video blog. Yes, ‘video’ + ‘blog’ = ‘Vlog’. First thing, a blog is a regularly updated website or web page, written in an informal or conversational
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Investment Portfolio: Diversification is the Key

Lillian Connors
In the ever-changing conditions of the local and especially global marketplace, regardless of industry or niche, there comes a need to establish financial security, expand your revenue streams, and diversify your portfolio in order to build long-term success and avoid
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Starting and Managing Location Independent Business

David Wiliam Webb
If there’s one thing that the millennials know about the modern world, it is that the era of the traditional nine-to-five office is no more. Same goes for cubicles, closed office spaces, while some may claim that it holds true
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How to be a Better Social Media Marketer

Jade Anderson
Social media has become one of the most powerful and dynamic marketing channels for businesses of all types and sizes. Not only is it great for brand awareness, social media can also create solid leads and drive sales. This all,
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Simple Ways to Make a Good Impression with Your Business

Dixie Somers
Getting both new and repeat customers through your door is essential for running a successful business. But with all the changes going on and with the increasing levels of competition in every industry, how can your business rise above the
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5 Things a Video CMS Does — That Video Conference Tools Don’t

Videos connect instantly!! That has become the prime reason for their popularity in enterprise ecosystem. The enterprises have started to adapt to videos for knowledge sharing, training, and enhanced productivity. Imagine how burdensome and irksome life would have been if
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How Co-Working Spaces Impact Motivation?

Lauren Wiseman
It seems like co-working spaces are popping up everywhere. And this isn’t the case only because there are more entrepreneurs out there but also because co-working spaces promote a more productive working environment. Therefore, it doesn’t come as much of